• What is airbrush makeup?

    Airbrush foundation is sprayed onto the skin, delivering pixelated coverage. It is one of the most natural finishes, with the best coverage and feels like nothing on your skin. As it is sprayed on, it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of foundation. This is what creates an even, sheer, natural appearance that is not heavy like traditional makeup. Traditional liquid or powder foundations can settle into pores and wrinkles and appear more visible without the staying power of airbrush. Airbrush makeup wears longer then regular foundation, staying upward to 12-24 hours. A silicone base airbrush makeup is also waterproof which is perfect for some of those hot, humid summer weddings!

  • How long does it take to get my makeup done?

    Bridal party appointments run 45min per person on average. For the Bride, I like to book at least 1 hour as sometimes there are interruptions during application.

  • How should we come prepared for our makeup/hair appointments?

    Please come with your skin cleansed, free of makeup, toned and moisturizer prior to makeup application. For hair up do’s please make sure that your hair is dry prior to your styling appointment. For best results wash your hair the evening prior to the appointment or wedding for a better hold.

  • I will need hair and makeup done for my wedding. Do you do both?

    I do both hair and makeup, 45 minutes for makeup & 45min-1hr for hair depending on length and style desired. For larger parties, I will either recommend a freelance hairstylist, or I will bring an assistant.

  • Should my bridal party get makeup done as well?

    When hiring a make up artist for your wedding, it is equally important that the bridal party get professional makeup, as they will be by your side and will be in your photos. I will ensure your entire bridal party is camera ready, using the best products for photos, which are long lasting to endure a full day wear.
    You don’t want to run the risk of someone ruining your photos with the wrong type of foundation, too heavy of a makeup look, too natural of a look or something too out dated. This will throw off the continuity of your pictures, and you might end up with someone standing out like a sore thumb in all of your images. You want your bridesmaids to look uniformed, not one that looks ready for a pageant while another looks ready for a day at the spa. They will all be in similar dresses and colours, and so should their makeup. Continuity is key!

    Other problems you might encounter are Bridesmaids trying to outshine the bride. Your bridesmaids’ makeup should be a neutral version of the bride; therefor no one out shines the bride on her special day. This is the bride’s day to be the most glamorous!

    Leave it to the pro and allow everyone to be stress free, relaxed and pampered on your special day with professional makeup & hair. Proper scheduling of this will ensure everyone is ready on time.

  • When does the bride get her makeup/hair done?

    I recommend that brides get their hair and makeup done last. This way they look the freshest when they are heading down the aisle.

  • Do you go on location or outside of the city?

    I will come to you on your wedding day whether it is in Calgary or outside the city. Within Calgary there is no travel charge, past city limits the travel rate is $0.50/km. For pre trials I will require you to come to my home studio in Inglewood.

  • Is there a minimum booking?

    On weekends during peak wedding season, May through September, the minimum $300 booking requirement.

  • Do I need a pre trial, what is the purpose?

    Consultation pre trials are a very important way to ensure you have chosen the right makeup artist that will represent your style on your wedding day. This is a time where your artist should get to know you, read your personality, ask you questions and create a look based off of your wedding theme, colours, influences, as well as your comfort level.
    Please come prepared with images, Pinterest is a great online tool to pin makeup and hairstyles you like and want to try.
    I will do a skin care analysis and recommendations to help prepare the bride with healthy skin in time for her wedding.
    A full makeup application will be performed with before and after pictures. This will allow you to see how your makeup looks on camera, and what your likes and dislikes are.
    Optional hair pre trial available as well to decipher hairstyle desired on wedding day. Please bring clip in extensions if wanting longer or fuller hair.

  • Is the pre trial included?

    Pre trials are booked as a separate makeup application and payment is required for this service. Please see prices here.

  • When should we book a pre trial?

    I do recommend doing a pre trial as soon as you are looking to book an artist. Don’t pay a deposit until you have your trial, unless you know for sure you are confident with the chosen makeup artist. If you book to soon to your wedding, you run the risk of not liking the artist style and scrambling for a new makeup artist last minute.

  • Do my bridesmaids need to book a pre trial as well?

    Generally pre trials are not necessary for the bridesmaids, but you can opt to pay for one if desired. It is the same cost as bridesmaid’s day of wedding application.

  • Are your products Hypoallergenic?

    I like to use high quality, professional luxury brands in my kit. Please inform me of any skin sensitivities or allergies such as latex or gluten. I cannot guarantee you will not have a reaction to a product, as hypoallergenic means you are less likely to have a reaction.

  • How do I go about booking you for my wedding day?

    I will create an online invoice & contract for you upon booking and I do require a 50% non-refundable deposit on total number of people requiring services. If for some unforeseen reason I am unable to do your makeup on your wedding day, I will find a replacement artist of equal makeup application style.

  • What payment form do you accept?

    Deposits can be sent via e-transfer to me at info@jaimierankin.com, or you can bring your deposit on your scheduled pre trial date. I do accept cash, cheque, and the option to pay via credit card with a service charge of 5%.

  • When do I pay remaining balance? Can everyone pay for themselves?

    I do require remaining balance to be paid in full on wedding day, by the BRIDE. I do accept cash, cheque, and the option to pay via credit card with a service charge of 5%. This makes it is easier for you to decipher who owes what, appose to tying to figure out last minute who is still required to pay. Please collect payment from others ahead of time and have it ready the day of. Please note that I do not carry change.

  • Have more questions?

    Contact me at anytime! I would love to hear from you!